Sunday, May 4, 2014

Starting a New YouTube Travel Channel and Blog: The Getaway

Well we're in the process of starting a new YouTube travel channel and all of the associated things that go with that.  

We used to watch The Travel Channel on TV all the time, but it's gone downhill fast.  Now it's mainly populated by food shows and ghost hunters.  They ought to change their name to The Paranormal Food Network ;)

Katie and I LOVE going to Florida and travel in general.  We've been to Orlando and Pensacola four years in a row and we wanted to share our passion with you.

This blog will be a home for the many links, discounts, steals & deals, that we find along the way and can share with you.  Once we get the channel up and running it's going to be great, it's going to be fun, and my hope is, it's going to SAVE YOU money on your trips.  In fact, we'll show you how you can take HUGE trips and come home without a mountain of debt hanging over your head.  Don't let anyone tell you it can't be done, that you have to put it on a credit card because that's just flat not true.

We're planning a BIG trip to Orlando Florida (about 320 days from now) and that will be our early focus with the channel.  We'll cover ways to save on airfare, hotel, parks, dining and much, much more. 

So I hope you'll follow us on here, join us on YouTube when we get it up and running within the next week or two (We'll post a link when it's firing on most of it's cylinders) and join us on our facebook page too:

Thanks and happy travels,
Jerry & Katie

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