Thursday, July 10, 2014

Spirit Airlines is embracing the hatred they spawn! Calling Customers Cheap Asses in New Video!

Spirit Airlines generates a lot of hate and apparently, rightly so.   They've been surveyed to have the RUDEST Flight Attendants & have been found to be one of the Worst Companies in America.

So what's a low rent airline to do? Why EMRACE the HATE.
Spirit is giving away 8,000 "Spirit Miles" to those that hate on them (or another airline) with a 140 character tweet.

If that's not PR dumb enough, they cut a video on it saying that they have cheap seats for "cheap asses" & repeat some of the vulgar things people think of them.  I kid you not!

Ode to Hate from Spirit Airlines on Vimeo.

Apparently they believed some PR schmo on Madison Avenue that told them any attention is good attention. 


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