Price a Vacation Package

Below are websites that will package your airfare & hotel in one convenient step.  You can even add car rentals and attractions on some of the websites.  Be willing to SHOP AROUND for the best deals.

Sometimes I can get a deal using these sites, other times it's CHEAPER to book separately.  Do your research.  On the right hand side of the page is a Google search bar where you can see if you can find a better deal manually.  

Because airfares fluctuate like the stock market, price them regularly, sometimes two or three times a day, if you're serious about saving money. Why?  Airlines can update domestic fares three times a day during the week, and once on Saturday and Sunday (international fares change less frequently).

Be sure to clear the "cookies" on your internet browser.  If a fare changes between two separate searches done over time on the same route, some fare search engines may return the results you viewed earlier rather than the new, lower results.

Las Vegas Vacation Packages and Deals – Hotel rooms from $45 a night!

Apple Vacations

American Airlines Vacations

Delta Airlines Vacations

Southwest Airlines Vacations  Note: AirTran uses Southwest's system now

United Airlines Vacations

Funjet Vacations

JetBlue Vacations (travel agent recommended for best price searches)

Allegiant Air

Worry Free Vacations (Vegas and Mexican beach destinations

Sun Country Vacations

KAYAK Vacation Package search

BING Travel


Priceline Packages

Travelocity Vacation Packages

Hotwire Packages



Adults (18-64)

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